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"You don't have to hunt through your in-box looking for the last e-mail you sent," says Tom Utsch, chairman and CEO of Eeminder in Hermosa Beach, Calif. He adds that the tool can be used for sales forces, consultants and other professionals that work on project-oriented schedules.


Company: iotum Corp.

Details: Scheduled to be available this quarter; hosted service to be offered by monthly subscription rateChallenge: Users are connected to e-mail, office phones, cell phones and home phones. Yet, when business contacts are trying to reach them, many of the calls end in voice mail. Users need a way to filter calls so that important contacts get through.

Solution: myiotum is a hosted service that lets users create relevance for their communications. Alec Saunders, president and CEO of iotum in Ottawa, Canada, likens it to the job a receptionist performs.

"We look at what you're doing at that time and who you're doing it with to determine if you should be disturbed," he says. For instance, if a user is in a meeting but is getting a call from someone he'll be meeting with later, then that call is forwarded through. However, a call from a relative would be sent to voice mail.

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"We draw contextual information from the tools you already use, like Microsoft Outlook and AOL Instant Messenger," he says. Myiotum also handles entrance to conference calls for users. It dials into bridge numbers automatically but doesn't require the users to come online until all participants are on the call.

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