Study: The dirty, naked truth about teleworkers


One in eight male teleworkers and one in 14 female teleworkers say they do their jobs in the nude, according to a new survey on the habits of remote and mobile workers worldwide.

While we're talking dirty: more than half the women don't shower on work-at-home days and men are even worse, with only about one in three washing.

Not that all this is making people any less productive, in their view, according to the survey by Insight Express and security vendor SonicWall. Three-quarters of those surveyed said working at home makes them more productive and 61% said they believe their managers would agree.

SonicWall's angle on this survey of 941 remote and mobile workers? To learn about security habits. It found that 88% acknowledge storing passwords in unsafe spots and that only 12% use encryption to safeguard files.

Other findings:

* 18% of men find time to do household tasks while on the clock.

* 28% of respondents say they watch TV while on the job.

* 9% said they feel guilty sometimes about being away from the main office.

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