MontaVista puts IPv6 support into latest Linux OS

* MontaVista releases latest version of its embedded Linux software

MontaVista Software released the latest version of its embedded Linux software: MontaVista Linux Professional Pro Edition 4.0. The new software, targeted to run real-time applications on appliances, mobile devices and other non-traditional PC/server equipment, includes the latest version of the Linux kernel - 2.6.10 - as well as support for several new interface types, network protocols and improved processing capabilities.

The latest edition supports IPv6, the next-generation Internet protocol that supports longer addresses, allowing for more devices to run on a network. This support could help the platform reach more Web-enabled mobile devices such as smart phones and cellphones - vendors of such devices are planning to build support of IPv6 into these gadgets.

For security, the latest MontaVista Linux Pro includes IPSec, allowing for encrypted traffic tunnels and VPN connectivity to real-time devices. Virtual LAN support is also added allowing MontaVista-powered network devices to be connected to separate, secure segments of a network.

In the guts of the operating system, improvements have been made to the software's kernel scheduler and processor interrupt handling; this should allow for better management of real time processes and smoother running applications, the company says.

MontaVista's software - once known as hard-hat Linux - runs in real-time equipment such as manufacturing process control equipment, slot machines, satellites, digital video recorders and other computer-based appliances. Users and developers of the software have called it a cost-saving alternative to traditional RTOS (real-time operating system) technology based on proprietary tools and closed APIs.

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