Clearing up open source and OES iFolder versions

* Novell's plans for iFolder

One reader questioned my statement a couple of weeks ago that "every service and utility that ships in the [Open Enterrprise Server] package will run on either" the NetWare or Linux kernel. He specifically mention iFolder, reminding me that a new version was being built using the Mono framework, usually associated with open-source-on-Linux projects. He's right, but so was I.

The Mono framework is an open source .Net "work alike." It's not limited to a Linux platform by any means. The project concerning iFolder is an open source version of the product and I wrote about it last summer (see "Open source iFolder is here" While the open source iFolder contains the core technology developed by Novell, it differs in many ways from the product sold by Novell and bundled with OES. It does get confusing when both have the same name though. That's something I would expect marketing to take care of. And we all know what Novell's marketing is like.

OES iFolder is definitely a server-based utility, working just like the iFolder in NetWare 6.x except that it runs on either OES kernel.

The open source iFolder ( is designed as a peer-to-peer application and is more likely to be used in a workgroup setting as a way of enabling better collaboration on group documents.

You might want to look at the open source version yourself. It isn't limited to a Linux platform (there's a compiled Windows version available to download) and could be very useful as a collaboration tool even within the context of a NetWare or OES network. For those of you still running NetWare 3 or 4 (and we all know you're lurking out there), the open source iFolder is the only version that will work in your environment. Try it; it might give you the impetus you need to upgrade your servers.

Another reader questioned my use of "NetWare 7" to identify the NetWare kernel in OES. The reader writes: "I've been told that it is the NetWare 6.5 SP3 kernel that will be in OES." You can call it either one, I'm thinking, as it was referred to as NetWare 7 during planning and pre-alpha stages but lately has been called 6.5 SP3. Same thing, actually. And as "NetWare" ceases to be a separate product once OES ships, it's probably just an academic distinction.

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