Apps o'plenty for SuSE Linux users

* Apps from Trusted Network Technologies, FalconStor, Etnus, Trapeze

Corporate Linux server buyers who may think that Red Hat is the only game in town for broad application support may want to think about investigating in Novell's SuSE, as several vendors announced enterprise products that run on the platform this week.

For security-minded IT managers, Trusted Network Technologies this week released a version of its identity management and control software for SuSE Enterprise Linux 9. The software allows administrators to set up network identities for employees and apply these identities to all applications and authentication-based systems across a network. This allows admininstrators to better track employee activities.

For storage administrators, FalconStor announced that its VirtualTape Library and IPStor storage management products are now available for SuSE Enterprise Linux 9.0. VirtualTape allows users to set up clusters of inexpensive hard disks to emulate tape drive libraries, which can provide faster back-up and recovery times. IPStor allows users to configure SuSE servers as part of a storage-area network storage and back-up system.

For developers, Etnus last week released a version of its TotalView code debugging tool for IBM servers running SuSE Enterprise Linux on Power architecture servers. The software allows application developers to debug 32- and 64-bit code written in C, C++ and Fortran from a RISC-based IBM Power server. The software is targeted at developers of high-end, multi-threading applications used in enterprise data centers, such as ERP or database software applications.

For network folks who run a SuSE environment, wireless LAN vendor Trapeze last week announced that its Trapeze Mobility System for tracking and securing enterprise 802.11 clients is now compatible with Novell's SuSE Linux eDirectory, an implementation of the FreeRADIUS open source project. This interoperability between SuSE servers and Trapeze software would eliminate the need for another third-party authentication server to run on a WLAN using Trapeze gear and SuSE on the back end.

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