KDE vs. GNOME? Both are winners

* Readers chime in on which GUI for running Linux, Unix desktops is better

Many readers responded to a question I posed at the end of last week's newsletter: KDE or GNOME - which is better?

KDE and GNOME are two of the most popular GUI for running Linux and Unix desktops or workstations. The software packages provide basic Window/Mac-like interfaces with mouse support, drag-and-drop file manipulation, task bars and tiled application windows. They also provide auxiliary applications such as drawing, calculator, basic text file editing and other software.

As for readers' opinions, both GUIs seemed to be the popular for different reasons. 

"I'm not religious about [desktop GUI's], and it's purely personal preference, [but] I prefer the clean, simple interface of GNOME," says one reader. "I don't like all the eye-candy like WinXP stuff that KDE comes with."

Another Linux user was more ambivalent about desktop preferences, but would like to see a clear winner in other Linux-based apps.

"I don't care so much about KDE vs. GNOME," this reader said. "I use KDE, although GNOME is very pretty ... I hope that a few clear winners in the area of photo/image processing, word processing will emerge. I find 'Kate' very useful, and have used the 'Gimp' on occasion."

[Note to any law enforcement officials stumbling here - these are references to document and image editing programs found in KDE and GNOME, respectively.]

Another user indicated that the multiple choices that Linux has for desktop environments may actually be a hindrance to wider Linux adoption.

"To me the question is which will help the growth on Linux at the desktop?" the reader wrote. The correspondent added that maybe the question should be "which one [desktop], and only one, should be used" for all Linux desktops? "At this point the growth inhibitors for Linux on the desktop are the self-inflicted complexities induced by options. So my answer is: I don't care just pick one!"

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