Funk releases new version of secure wireless client

The new version of Funk Software's secure client software includes changes to simplify the work of administering hundreds of wireless clients.

Funk's Odyssey Client is a compact application that runs on PCs, notebooks, PDAs and other devices, and across a broad range of Microsoft operating systems, allowing users to authenticate via the IEEE 802.1x port-based authentcation standard. 

Version 3.0 includes a set of features for creating, deploying, and updating settings for the client devices and the network, and automatically installing these setting on those devices.

Using the new release, network managers create an installation file and send it to all wireless devices on the net or create different files for different groups. When users turn on their notebook or PDA, the settings take effect without any enduser work. If specific users, or groups of users need changes to their configurations, such as a change in policies for authentication or automatic scanning, managers simply create an update file and transmit it to the devices.  Finally, the new version lets managers  seal off some configuration changes so that users can't alter them. Users can be required to use one specific Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP), for example.

Also new is support for Novell's Windows client. With Version 3.0, Odyssey users who also have the Novell client software now have a single log-on.

Odyssey Client 3.0 is available now, priced at $50 per device, with volume discounts available.

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