Sci-Fi that meets geek criteria ... “Mis-Drop”


Real science fiction is hard to find at the movies these days. It’s mostly fantasy stuff or blockbuster Hollywood flicks that demand a monumental, lobotomy-like suspension of disbelief that requires jettisoning everything you know about science in favor of a director's "artistic" idea of what constitutes "drama" (I’m looking at you, “Gravity”, pretty much everything ostensibly SF by Michael Bay, the truly awful "Starship Troopers" that more or less ignored the original Heinlein book, and .. well, it's a long list).

There have been few truly solid sci-fi tales in recent years but a few stand out, for example, “Looper”, and the even better (if you’re really a geek and don’t mind thinking fairly hard) “Primer”:

time travel infographic

I’d argue that as good as "Looper" was it will be indie productions such as “Primer” (produced on a budget of just $7,000 compared to the $30 million budget for “Looper” and the $100 million for "Gravity") that will define what a great SF tale is in the future and it’s the ‘Net that makes this possible.

For example, long time reader Miles Baska just turned me on to a new indie Sci-Fi production, “Mis-Drop” directed by Ferand Peek, that exemplifies the potential of the ‘Net to deliver outstanding content:

I can't wait for a feature-length version! What great geek indie SF movies have you seen that I’ve missed?

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