Google's reponse to Yahoo/Microsoft: a job for Jerry Yang at Google

Google executives reportedly met last night to come up with a strategy, and public response, to the newly revived

Yahoo/Microsoft deal (whatever form it might take). So says a story in the TimesOnline UK . The story reports that Google founder Sergey Brin said a lot of amazing things regarding a proposed new relationship with Yahoo.

Brin reportedly said that Google would have a job waiting for Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang should investors push Yang out via the hostile takever orchetrated by billionaire Carl Icahn. Brin said that Google is still contemplating some kind of deal of its own with Yahoo.

What exactly would Yang's job look like at Yahoo? Hard to even imagine what the job description would be for a former rival (beat fair-and-square through good old-fashioned competition) that was consequently driven out by angry investors.

In the Google vs. Microsoft vs. Yahoo vs. Icahn soap operah -- who is the underdog and who is the bully? Hard to tell.

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