Wii Fit = Mii Fat

Wii Fit hula hoop game

I got Nintendo's Wii Fit exercise "game" today, which includes a new accessory for the Nintendo Wii system (the Balance Board) and a bunch of video game exercises that aim to help you get fitter through yoga, balance games, strength training and aerobics. As part of a video shoot for the Cool Tools video show (hopefully this will publish tomorrow afternoon), I ran through the first set of exercise games and went through the registration process, where you step on the balance board and it measures your body measurement index (or body mass index) and weight. The game pulls no punches. It basically told me that for my height, weight and age, that I was "obese". Yowza. I knew that I was heavier, especially after giving up the treadmill and other exercises now that I have two kids to chase around. But obese? Yikes. The ultimate insult was that the game then changed the look of my Mii character, the avatar that you create to represent you in the video games. Based on my numbers, my Mii went from an average build to a tubbo. Now there's some inspiration, to lose weight so my Mii looks healthier. After the sting of a video game calling me obese wore off, I decided to play some of the exercise games to see if the $90 for the balance board and game would be worth it. After the humiliation of the body test, you get to start training, by choosing whether to do yoga, strength training, aerobics or balance games. Each area has four to six different exercise modules, with additional modules that you can unlock as you get better in the game or if you workout longer. The strength training and yoga modules have you follow a trainer as he or she does the exercises and you duplicate their movements. Thankfully I got to choose a male or female trainer (I picked a female trainer), because I was starting to have flashbacks of my junior high gym coach, Mr. VanVleet, yelling at me for not being able to climb the ropes correctly. The aerobics area and balance games are more Nintendo-like, in that you are playing games that have specific goals, and you forget that you're exercising after a while. My first aerobics foray was the hula hoop game, where I had to swivel my hips like a goofball while trying to keep my virtual hula hoop going. The balance games had me trying to stop a soccer ball with my head by shifting left or right, as well as a skiing one that had me doing a downhill slalom game. That's where the game shines, by making you forget that you're working out. The game keeps track of your progress, so hopefully after a while I'll start to see some improvements in my figure, posture and other health benefits. I'm also trying to stop eating fast food for lunch every day, so hopefully that will help as well. I've made a 10-week commitment for this Wii Fit Challenge (with regular weekly updates on the Twisted Pair podcast), so we'll see if a video game can help me lose weight, unlike all those other video games I've played that have helped me put on all this extra tonnage. Now if I could just get my trainer to call me a "stud", I'll be all set.

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