Cisco wants your feedback on what new security features you need

I am a member of a field advisor board for security products at Cisco. One of the charters of this role is to provide the various security business units(BUs) with customer feedback on the feature and product requests they most desire. This process, among several others, helps ensure that the security product BUs at Cisco are developing features that customers are asking for. This input is used by the BU’s to help prioritize which features will be developed first. Otherwise known as the product feature roadmap. As an example, a feature request can be one that makes you more secure, makes the product easier to manage, allows for better monitoring/debugging, expands product-product collaboration (ala self-defending network type features), or maybe you just need an increase in performance on a security platform. The security products that are in scope for this can be found on this page. Products like ASA, IPS, IOS security, NAC, VPN, CSA, management, and MARS are definitely in scope. In order to get as much customer input as possible into this process I thought it would make sense to ask you for your input too. So, what features would you like to see developed in Cisco security products? For each feature request I’ll need the platform type (i.e. ASA), short description of the feature (i.e. Timeframe based ACL rule expiry that is native to ASA and doesn’t require CSManager 3.2) , and a brief reason why you want the feature (i.e. We don’t currently use CSManager to manage our ASA’s but find lots of value in it’s rule expiry feature. We would like this feature to be added to the ASA code natively. We have contractors and business partners that only need access to our network for a limited timeframe, usually one month. Rule expiry will automate our manual ACL removal process we have today, thus making us more secure.) It would also be nice if you included your company name, but that is optional. You can either email the request directly to me at or post it on the blog. Now’s your chance to get your feature requests heard. Fire away!

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