Magical Jelly Bean Key Finder: Tips & Tricks

We have spent a number of weeks looking at tools to make “A Better Windows World” (do not get mad at me, I told that was not going away). Well looking at the tools posting I believe we have reached a good number of tools thus far. I thought now would be a good time to go back and take the opportunity to post some tips. So I will make it a part of the weekly posts to add one or two posts per week that focus on either a some tips or tricks on some of the tools we feature here. The tips and tricks will vary from features you may or may not know. To tips and tricks that you will find you cannot live without. We will begin with some cool features from Magic Jelly bean key finder. Since I first wrote about Key Finder, they have added a cool new feature. That feature is a pre-populated config file that can help you to locate some of the most popular software keys you need to find. Another possibility is to edit the config file within Key finder. So let’s look at how we would edit the keyfinder.cfg file to add registry locations. Begin by opening Key finder: 1. Go to the Tools Menu 2. Choose Modify Config ( you will see a notepad text editor file) 3. Simply add the registry location to the text file a. Ex.Winamp5|Name=HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Nullsoft\Winamp\=regname|Key=HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Nullsoft\Winamp\=regkey 4. Save changes and then run you keyfinder software again. Another cool feature is the ability to run keyfinder in a command line. The command line features allow you to perform the following functions. /close - GUI is not displayed while keyfinder runs. /save – Saves the keys in a text file /savecsv

- Saves the keys in a CSV file /file - pre-formats the name of the save file /hive -> Allows you to open another Windows registry. Instead running on the current Windows installation. That last one is useful for recovering install keys from systems that will no longer boot. I hope these tips help you get better use out of Magical Jelly Bean KeyFinder. An here’s hoping this tip makes you world ( All together now) A Better Windows World! Do you have any features in Keyfinder that you think are cool. Perhaps something that will make keyfinder better, let me know by commenting to this post. I would love to hear your thoughts. Recent Posts A Better Windows World: On the Radio Clash of the Titans: Microsoft and Sun spar over HYPER-V Windows Steady State: Shared Access computing tool
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