My iPhone is having 3G issues


Looks like I might own one of those iPhones with the pesky 3G reliability issues. I bought the phone two weeks ago, but had spent the majority of the time since in Maine, where AT&T's 3G coverage is limited. Yesterday, I was back in a 3G area with what looked like a full signal, but every time I tried to call my wife, the call dropped after a ring or two. Took four tries before I decided to switch off the 3G, then the call went through without a hitch. Hopefully the 2.02 firmware update that is now out fixes this pesky issue, though Apple isn't saying yet what exactly the new update remedies. If a hardware update is required to fix the issue, that will be a major headache for all owners of a 3G iPhone. Update 8/26/08: Installed the 2.0.2 update over the weekend and my 3G reception seems to be better, plus the drop call problem has gone away.

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