Photo tech galore at DEMOFall 08


Yesterday's opening session of DEMOFall 08 was full of goodies for the photographers, particularly amateurs and "prosumers" shooting lots of digital snapshots. Here are videos of there of my favorites:

Photrade combines the functionality of Flickr and iStockPhoto to let photographers upload, display, sell and license their photos easily. If you're a hobbyist, it could be a nice way to make a few bucks from your photos:

UGA Digital's YouGotPhoto system looks like a promising technology to distribute your photos to network-connected photo frames. Yes, there are systems out there now that do this, but the YouGotPhoto interface and delivery mechanism is very slick and easy to use:

Finally, iLovePhotos from Blue Lava is a cool application for organizing and building slideshows from a photo library filled with snaps of people. If you take a lot of pictures at parties or other social events, iLovePhotos will help get those images off your hard drive and shared with the world:

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