Here comes the Amazon CDN


Amazon officially put its hat into the Content Delivery Network business with its new AWS Content Delivery Service. Currently in beta with select customers, the service will offer a pay-as-you go alternative to delivering HTTP based content. Amazon claims it won't hold customers commitment or minimum contract levels. If content is downloaded, you pay for it. With all the work that the company has done on its S3 and Amazon Web Services (AWS) business, this was a no brainer. The service can be linked to an Amazon S3 storage account for complete "cloud-based" services. This could be a dream for small-time podcaster types that need a way to deliver their MP3s globally but aren't able to afford the likes of an Akamai or one of its competitors. And it's not just MP3s, any type of Web content - images, script files, even video - can be delivered through the service once it launches later this year. It doesn't look like they're supporing any special streaming protocols, but HTTP is perfectly serviceable for most video-on-demand applications. Amazon CTO Werner Vogels has a look at the service and how it grew from AWS here. Amazon will be publishing its price list when the service goes public, so it will be interesting to see how much they can undercut (if at all) the competition.

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