Softkey Phone Features: Quality Reporting Tool (QRT)

The next softkey in our coverage of softkey phone features is the Quality Report Tool (QRT) softkey. The QRT Viewer can be used by the CUCM administrative staff to analyze quality issues with a call or missing dial-tone after the end user has clicked the QRT softkey. QRT can be rolled out in silent interface or interview interface mode. Silent mode is the default. Silent mode allows the end user to click the QRT softkey after an issue has occurred. The user receives an acknowledgement on the LCD screen of the phone setting them know that the data has been logged. Interview mode will require the user to select the type of problem from a simple menu of problems. Here’s an example of the first menu the end user would see: Select Category 1) Problems with last call 2) Phone recently rebooted 3) Can’t make calls If the user selected the first category, a new category of problems will be listed on the phone. An example of the second category is the following: Select Reason Code 1) I heard echo 2) The other end heard echo 3) Choppy sound 4) Robotic sound 5) Long Delays Similar to silent mode, the end user receives an acknowledgement after logging the problem. If Interview mode is desired, the CUCM administrator will need to change the Display Extended QRT Menu Choices Cisco Extended Function service parameter on the System > Service Parameters page. The QRT softkey requires the Cisco Extended Functions service to be running on the Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) performing call processing for the Cisco IP Phone involved in the call. CUCM will provide additional detail if both the source and destination devices are Cisco IP Phones. The details of the information captured can be viewed at the following URL: The data captured is viewed with the Quality Reporting Viewer. The QRT Viewer is built in to the Cisco Unified Serviceability pages in CUCM versions before 5.0. CUCM 5.0 does not have the QRT viewer in Cisco Unified Serviceability. The QRT viewer has now been moved to the Trace & Log Central portion of the Real-Time Monitoring Tool (RTMT). RTMT is a java-based client application that can be downloaded from the CUCM Administration Application > Plugins page. The tool is available for both Windows and Linux beginning with CUCM 5.0. The next blog will continue our coverage of softkey phone features.

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