The Linux Flameout: 7 Reasons

Linux is a forking mess!

So declared Alexander Wolfe in his latest column for the IT glossy InformationWeek.

It is a tongue-in-cheek remark decrying the number of versions, known as distros, of Linux, at last count 359!

While a reader of InformationWeek for a while, I had never taken the time to read any of Alex Wolfe’s work.

Sir, I apologize.

After today’s article, I promise to use my coming OTG time to read your entire online body of work.

First off, Alexander should be fitted immediately for a flame-retardant suit!

His breaking down of the current mess and the prospects for the (non?) ascendency of Linux, will win him nothing but a ton of rodent raspberries from the freetards who would definitely feel slighted by his exposing them as naked trolls in his article.

He raises seven points:

1) Prohibitive application porting costs

2) The Fanboy alienation factor, or how Linux's biggest supporters drive away potential new users

3) You can't make money on the operating system

4) Resistance from average users

5) Linux is "simple"; Windows "just works"

6) There are way too many Linux distros

7) No powerful evangelist for Linux comparable to Bill Gates or Steve Jobs

While I agree with some of them in principle, I mostly appreciate the way he succinctly and logically laid out his reasons.

My views, they are quite well known.

In fact, I am going to reuse a phrase I used in my post here about the delusion among the l-heads of the primacy of Linux: even if you strap Linux with multiple high-yield thermonuclear devices, like a failed martyr, it wouldn’t blow up.

Anyone who believes otherwise must be higher that Whitney and Bobby put together!

The (Linux) revolution will not be televised, because, there won’t be any revolution.


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