Chris Murphy Living on Another Planet

I suppose like me you cannot live in this world but my problem with Chris Murphy's commentary in the Information world this week is that it does not take much to see that IP telephony and Application Services for telephony are growing in leaps and bounds. I understand that blogging is not journalism, but if it is to appear in Info World's website then you need to do some finger work.... Here are some examples of UC that were purchased because of business process improvement: Airmed International integrated IP communications into CRM system to track realtime responses and provide audit trail....

the medical communications center, the company is able to document its response to each request for assistance, and archive the files for reference. Other features of CCRE allow for supervisors to monitor calls for quality assurance purposes. Incorporating QR provides recording capabilities on an "as needed" basis.

District of Squamish integrated IP communications into radio systems for real time conferencing...

"Not only does this set-up allow us to coordinate and link radio traffic throughout the district, we have found in some cases we were able to use Cisco phones instead of adding the expensive radios in stationary sites."Garry Broeckling, Chief Technology Officer for the District of Squamish

Trinity University integrated IP communications into public safety communications to improve response times....

When anyone dials 911 from a Cisco phone, campus security and the IT Director are automatically notified via their own IP phones at the same time as the San Antonio Police Department. All alerts include the dorm and extension location of the call's origination, which allows for immediate follow-up to provide assistance if needed.

I have another 20 more examples if anyone is interested. And yes they were all done by Cistera Networks....

The advanced capabilities provide Opelika with powerful tools to enhance service and security. From police and fire, to administrative services, they all are connected on a single-platform that enables interagency cooperation and coordinated emergency response efforts.
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