Nearing 100,000 downloads, is Vyatta achieving its goal of displacing Cisco?

Vyatta Users Writing Letters to John Chambers
Feisty Cisco displacer, open-source networking software vendor Vyatta, has announced the availability for downloading of its latest Linux-based networking software release: Vyatta Community Edition 3
Kelly Herrell
"We have proven the performance and reliability of our open-source networking solution in large, demanding networks, making Vyatta a no-brainer alternative to over-priced, inflexible, proprietary products," said Kelly Herrell - CEO of Vyatta. "Vyatta is the most flexible network infrastructure solution in the world and can be deployed on server blades, dedicated appliances, or virtual machines using VMWare and Xen. As a result, Vyatta is a universal solution to networking problems in the branch office, at headquarters, and in the data center, for both enterprises and service providers."
Approaching nearly 100,000 downloads, Vyatta’s third major networking software release touts the following changes and enhancements: IPSec VPN Vyatta now supports dedicated site-to-site (branch-to-branch or branch-to-HQ) virtual private networking and supports the most widely used cryptographic algorithms, including 3DES, AES (128 and 256-bit), MD5, and SHA1. In addition, IPsec VPN can now be configured in a cluster of multiple Vyatta units with failover mechanisms providing high availability for mission-critical services. Multi-link PPP (MLPPP) MLPPP allows customers to increase WAN bandwidth by using multiple low-speed circuits, typically T1 links, in parallel, enabling a pay-as-you-grow strategy instead of paying the high cost of a T3 upgrade. BGP Scaling and Security Enhancements Improved BGP scaling provides faster routing convergence with many peers. MD5-based neighbor authentication delivers improved routing security. Per-BGP peer policy support makes it easier than ever to control route propagation. New monitoring and troubleshooting commands make Vyatta easier to use. Vyatta has a done a great job capitalizing on a chink in Cisco's armor, commodity hardware and components. However, Cisco continues to evolve by creating new technologies and products:
Michael Patterson
"Cisco has done a great job of idea engineering technologies and products. Many small companies in turn develop products based on Cisco’s hard work and compete in the same space at a very attractive price point. However, pound for pound the quality won’t be there unless the competitor invests heavy in quality assurance. NetFlow is a technology developed by Cisco where the competition is doing well," said Michael Patterson – President of Plixer International.

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No doubt the future will be promising for vendors like Vyatta who can capitalize on the advantages of commodity hardware and components. But also in the future, should Cisco acquire Vyatta, it would finally mean open-source networking software has "arrived."

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