Phone all but off the hook in S. Korean's death

At the risk of sounding like an I-told-you-so, I told you so: Seems that South Korean sleuths have had a change of heart and are now all but dismissing the possibility that a man found dead in a quarry was killed by an exploding cell phone battery.

From an Associated Press account:

The quarry worker was found dead Wednesday with a melted phone battery stuck in his shirt pocket. His heart and lungs were damaged, and his spine and some ribs were broken, police had said.

The National Institute of Scientific Investigation said the body had a burn but the scope of damage to internal organs was too extensive to have been caused by a cell phone explosion, Yonhap news agency reported, citing an unnamed official who performed an autopsy.

OK, it wasn't a particularly tough call on my part -- even from half a world away -- but there would be no shortage of people pointing it out had I been proven wrong.

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