Cisco DPC3000 elixir of life for DOCSIS 3.0?

Cisco DPC3000 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem Data Sheet
Telco fiber-based offerings are eating into the customer base of capacity-constrained cable companies. So it appears Cisco potentially came to the rescue of cable companies earlier this month at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas by announcing the spring availability of the Cisco DPC3000 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem. Keep in mind that during the 3rd Quarter of 2007, shipments of voice-enabled cable modems exceeded those of data-only modems. Not wishing to be outdone by Cisco, ARRIS simultaneously announced at CES the introduction of their Touchstone TM702 E-MTA, a DOCSIS 3.0-based E-MTA product.

Brian Wilson
All of this becomes even more fascinating when taking into consideration a blog coauthored earlier this week by DOCSIS network engineers Brian Wilson and Owen Parsons: Is DOCSIS 3.0 Really Here? Brian is the famous Slimjim100 Blogger.

Pros and Cons of DOCSIS 3.0 according to Brian and Owen: Cons

Number of vendors
RF bandwidth needed
Having to replace parts of network
RF plant conditions to support higher QAMs
2-4 DS carriers have to be adjacent to each other
Only one of the bonded channels has the MAC/scheduling info inside it
VoIP Protection currently only on one downstream (not in the edge QAM)


Multicast QoS
Support IGMPv3
256 bit AES encryption
Channel Bonding (Upstream & Downstream)
Improved ability to monitor DOCSIS devices
Bandwidth (Downstream 100mbps+ & Upstream 50+mbps)

The conclusion reached by Brian and Owen's blog story: The cable industry is in a period of growth with many new technologies providing never before seen opportunities. If they want to party it’s going to cost them billions to get to the next level, but when they do get there the customer experience will be amazing. Hopefully we will catch up with many of the Asian MSO’s and be able to make a 100+Mbps just a simple mouse click away. Read Brian and Owen's blog story in its entirety.

Is the Cisco DPC3000 the elixir of life for DOCSIS 3.0?

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