Getting Ready For Hyper-V

In preparation of the Hyper-V capability in Windows Server 2008, Microsoft is beta testing a Microsoft Assessment and Planning (MAP) tool which will analyze and recommend where and how much of your environment can be virtualized.

The MAP tool is one of what Microsoft calls Virtualization Solution Accelerators (i.e. accelerating the adoption of Hyper-V, and thus Windows Server 2008.) It's all part of Microsoft's priming the pump with the solutions channel to help spread adoption.

The Microsoft assessment and planning team has their own blog, and this blog post describes MAP, the Infrastructure Planning and Design guides, the Windows 2008 Security Guide, and Microsoft Deployments information.

Whether you are a Microsoft Solutions provider or an end user organization interested in what Windows Server 2008 and virtualization means to you, these may be some handy tools and information to look through.

Or, let you favorite Microsoft channel partner do the leg work and wade through the information so they can advise you.

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