Happy Valentine's Day, I bought you an iPhone case

Today is Valentine's Day, of course, and we here at Network World are going gaga with stories about love, romance, and other Valentine's Day related content (just check out the home page if you don't believe me). If you haven't bought something for your sweetie by now, a lot of these suggestions aren't probably going to save you this year, and you should really start preparing now for next year so this doesn't happen again. I love that gadget vendors are getting into the game, offering pink and red devices of every flavor on the off chance that they'll make some extra cash on a holiday that isn't really meant for gadgets. Sorry folks, but flowers, dinner and candy are still a better gift than a pink iPhone case. But in case you have a sweetie who is into gadgets, have them check out our "Top iPhone Valentines" slide show, which offers some suggestions for your favorite iPhone-obsessed Valentine. My favorite -- the iPhone underwear, although I don't think I could fit into the pair that we're showing.

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