GPS data wrong? Now you can help

A major pet peeve of mine with GPS devices is that the street address data for my home address is always in the wrong place. The road is correct, but the location of my house is always in the wrong spot (the device usually says I'm home when I'm 3 houses away). Now, instead of just griping about the incorrect data, I can help the mapping company figure out the correct location. Tele Atlas, a major mapping data company that provides map data to most of the large GPS device manufacturers, recently launched its Map Insight Web application, allowing users to update mapping information that may be incorrect due to street addressing errors, updated roads, etc. The site, located here, lets users enter mapping information and indicate where any errors may be. Tele Atlas officials say that the data received by users will be reviewed and confirmed through the company's other sources, and updates can be sent to device makers as soon as a few days after confirmation. I just feel better that the company now has the correct location for my house. Maybe the next GPS device I get for testing will have the right starting location.

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