Products of the week 4.29.13

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as Sophos and Dell

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.

AlienVault Unified Security Management Virtual Appliance

Product name: AlienVault Unified Security Management Virtual Appliance

Key features: combines five open source security tools to bring Unified Security Management to the mid-market in the industry's first USM Virtual Appliance. More info.


Product name: Metanga

Key features: creates customized billing schemes. New capabilities include: Allowing optional products to customize customer packages; Amendments for invoice changes; Continuous billing to eliminate manual adjustments. More info.

TokuDB Community Edition

Product name: TokuDB Community Edition

Key features: full compression and hot schema changes: no-down-time column insertion, deletion, renaming, etc., as well as index creation. It has clustering secondary keys. More info.

KnowledgeTree for Salesforce

Product name: KnowledgeTree for Salesforce

Key features: makes sales enablement easy, surfacing relevant collateral for any sales situation– instantly in More info.

SafeNet Crypto Hypervisor

Product name: SafeNet Crypto Hypervisor

Key features: abstracts SafeNet hardware security modules to deliver high-assurance key vaulting and elastic crypto services on demand in a cloud operational model. More info.

SecureSphere version 10.0

Product name: SecureSphere version 10.0

Key features: introduces ThreatRadar Community Defense, the first crowd-sourced threat intelligence service that aggregates and validates attack data from WAFs to protect against hackers, automated clients, and zero-day attacks. More info.

MaaS360 Secure Productivity Suite

Product name – MaaS360 Secure Productivity Suite

Key features - Delivers a dual persona approach to separate corporate and personal information on the same device. Provides Data Leak Prevention (DLP) for email text and attachments. More info.

ADC model 840

Product name: ADC model 840

Key features: added ADC functionality to its load balancers signals the company’s intention to continue consolidating network management functions into a single-box product. More info.

SonicWALL Hosted Email Security 2.0 cloud service

Product name: SonicWALL Hosted Email Security 2.0 cloud service

Key features: a cloud-based service that provides advanced email threat protection including: • Threat detection from the Dell SonicWALL Global Response Intelligent Defense Network • Multiple and layered anti-virus technologies for greater security • Quick to deploy and efficient to administer. More info.

HP WebInspect 10.0

Product name: HP WebInspect 10.0

Key features: Automated, configurable application security solution which dynamically tests web applications and services to identify exploitable security vulnerabilities; includes new interactive testing process for analyzing modern complex web applications and JavaScript. More info.

SolarWinds Firewall Browser Free Tool

Product name: SolarWinds Firewall Browser Free Tool

Key features: enables IT professionals to easily troubleshoot firewalls and manage change requests from the convenience of the desktop. More info.

Kiwi Syslog Server Free Edition

Product name: Kiwi Syslog Server Free Edition

Key features: IT professionals can collect, view and archive syslog messages and SNMP traps, and watch up to five routers, computers, or network devices. More info.

Selectica Contract Lifecycle Management 6.0

Product name: Selectica Contract Lifecycle Management 6.0

Key features: makes it easy to create contracts, store them in a highly searchable repository, speed approvals with configurable workflows and eSignature, and report on contract information quickly. More info.

Barracuda NG Firewall

Product name: Barracuda NG Firewall

Key features: sets new standard in application control and real-time prioritization, adding SSL inspection, granular detection of standard and user-defined applications, Deep Application Context Analysis, and QoS optimization. More info.

Compuware APM for PHP

Product name: Compuware APM for PHP

Key features: provides Deep Transaction Management for PHP, combining user experience management, web-server visibility, deep-dive into PHP, database access and external calls, with visibility from browser-click to database and back, for all transactions, real-time 24x7. More info.

Ixia Anue 100GbE Interface Module

Product name: Ixia Anue 100GbE Interface Module

Key features: The new 100GbE Interface Module for the Ixia Anue Net Tool Optimizer supports new capabilities including monitoring 100GbE network ports at line rate with 1, 10 and 40GbE monitoring tools. More info.

Sophos Mobile Security 2.5

Product name: Sophos Mobile Security 2.5

Key features: This Android security app includes SPAM filter capabilities. Filter rules block specific phone numbers and calls with a hidden caller ID, as well as text messages with potential malicious URLs. More info.

SecurityCenter CV

Product name: SecurityCenter CV


Key features: Combines active vulnerability scanning, passive network monitoring and security information/event management to deliver actionable security intelligence. Enables organizations to identify and minimize attack surfaces and quickly respond to active threats. More info.

Nessus 5.2

Product name: Nessus 5.2

Key features: Provides increased intelligence through further automated analysis and reporting, expanded OS support, and integration for post-scan plugins. Users can advance their active scanning efforts for easy vulnerability investigation and documentation. More info.

Dell Migration Manager for Exchange

Product name: Dell Migration Manager for Exchange

Key features: offers full coexistence in a seamless, one-step migration from Microsoft Exchange 2000/2003/2010 to Microsoft Exchange 2013. More info.

Dell Migration Manager for Active Directory

Product name: Dell Migration Manager for Active Directory

Key features: offers full coexistence in a seamless, one-step migration from Microsoft Exchange 2000/2003/2010 to Microsoft Exchange 2013. More info.

Serena 4.5 Orchestrated IT solution suite

Product name: Serena 4.5 Orchestrated IT solution suite

Key features: provide tooling for DevOps IT shops, as well as those looking to increase their change and release cadence. More info.

GFI Cloud

Product Name: GFI Cloud

Key features: provides SMBs with advanced antivirus and anti-malware protection, network monitoring and service assurance, asset inventory, and patch management functionality, all from a single, intuitive web-based console. More Info.


Product name: DigitalQuick

Key features: encrypts files saved to Dropbox and the desktop, allowing users to set specific file permissions and restrictions (edit, read only, print only) for the people they share with. More info.

Customer Portal: Colocation Management

Product name: Customer Portal: Colocation Management

Key features: New “cloudy colo” features deliver cloud-like visibility into collocation environments and integrate collocation management with on-demand provisioning of cloud, bare metal and cloud storage assets – increasing control and flexibility and limiting data center visits. More info.


Product name: OneBlox

Pricing: Pricing begins at less than $10,000 for a 32TB solution and less than $40,000 for a 4-node replicated 64TB disaster recovery solution.

Key features: a scale-out object-based appliance that is accessible over CIFS/SMB for organizations of all sizes. The cloud-managed solution has advanced enterprise features including: inline deduplication, continuous data protection, and zero-configuration storage expansion. More info.

RAD Studio XE4

Product name: RAD Studio XE4

Pricing: starts at $1,799. Delphi and C++Builder pricing starts at $149 for Starter edition and $999 and up for full commercial development licenses.

Key features: an app development suite for developers who need to create native apps for PCs, tablets and smartphones, allowing users to manage one codebase, and a single team and schedule. More info.

Remote -48V DC Power Management Switch

Product name: Remote -48V DC Power Management Switch

Key features: Manage DC power switching and reboot functions at remote equipment sites. State of the art security and authentication plus remote monitoring and alarm features. Perfect for managing DC powered servers. More info.

Eucalyptus 3.3

Product name: Eucalyptus 3.3

Pricing: Standard: $2,500 per node/year respectively. Premium Support subscription: $3,750 per node/year respectively

Key features: accelerates and simplifies the development and testing of applications built for AWS. Scalable web application features provide developers the highest level of AWS compatibility of any private cloud solution. More info.


Product name: Zaplet

Key features: an open cloud platform and partner ecosystem that harnesses the power of Platform-as-a-Service to help developers and organizations quickly build, deploy and manage specialized GRC applications. More info.

 K2 blackpearl (4.6.5)

Product Name: K2 blackpearl (4.6.5)

Key features: software for enterprises to build and run business applications, including forms, workflow, data and reports. The 4.6.5 update provides additional extensibility capabilities and supports SharePoint 2013 in SharePoint 2010 mode. More info.

HP S7500NX, HP S6200NX and HP S2600NX Next Generation Intrusion Prevention appliances

Product name: HP S7500NX, HP S6200NX and HP S2600NX Next Generation Intrusion Prevention appliances

Key features: HP’s NGIPS appliances expedite the detection, identification and mitigation of network security threats. The S7500NX provides one of the industry’s highest throughput levels and can reduce data center energy costs. More info.