Products of the week 1.28.13

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as Fortinet and GFI

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.

EndaceVision version (OSm 5.1)

Product name: EndaceVision version (OSm 5.1)

Key features: Web-based application for visualizing, interrogating and searching history. Based on 100% accurate intelligent network recording scalable to 10G, 40G and 100G. Designed for network and security analysts to assist with all types of network investigations. More info.


Product name · FortiGate-3600C

Key features · FortiGate-3600C offers large enterprises and MSSPs next-generation firewall capabilities that feature: more control with network, user and device defined policy; integrated security with firewall, IPS, application control and VPN functionality with advanced behavior inspection for improved advanced threat detection and enhanced performance. More info.

GFI EventsManager

Product Name: GFI EventsManager

Key features: EventsManager now includes the active network and server monitoring capabilities found in the company’s Network Server Monitor solution, providing IT administrators with a holistic view of their infrastructure’s performance. More info.

GFI ThreatTrack 2.0

Product Name: GFI ThreatTrack 2.0

Key features: ThreatTrack 2.0 produces a constant stream of data on malicious URLs and IP addresses, suspected malicious files, phishing links, and other malware intelligence. More Info.

INETCO Insight 5.2 Application Performance Monitoring Software

Product name: INETCO Insight 5.2 Application Performance Monitoring Software

Key features: Agentless, network-based monitor for virtual or SaaS environments. Includes decoding engine for hundreds of protocols (IP, TCP, ISO 8583, HTTP, XML, SQL) and provides end-to-end transaction topology maps with multi-hop transaction correlation. More info.

Total User Management

Product name – Total User Management

Key features - Total User Management combines LANDesk’s Secure User Management Suite with the capabilities of LANDesk’s ITIL-aligned Service Desk and the LANDesk Asset Lifecycle Management system. More info.

LiveOps Engage

Product name: LiveOps Engage

Key features: A cloud-based contact center application that provides an integrated, multichannel interface, allowing agents to pivot between voice, email, chat, SMS, Facebook and Twitter all within a single screen. More info.


Product name: Locality

Key features: Locality software delivers real-time cellular deployment insight and powerful reporting and management tools, ensuring enterprise mobile deployments are productive, competitive, and customer service-centered. Android and Windows 8 devices now supported. More info.

Anomaly Detective

Product name: Anomaly Detective

Key features: Anomaly Detective’s self-learning predictive analytics with machine intelligence identifies issues in IT operations data and enables IT staff to diagnose them as much as 90% faster than previously possible. More info.


Product: SolvePath

Key features: SolvePath is an enterprise questions and answers collaboration platform that empowers businesses to provide their employees with fast, easy access to critical knowledge and expertise within their organization. SolvePath combines natural language processing and big data technologies to provide a new way to help corporate employees find information and subject matter experts quickly and easily. More info.

TAAS NetAnalyzer

Product name: TAAS NetAnalyzer

Key features: NetAnalyzer is a real-time malware behavior detection and analysis solution that allows organizations to stop attacks pre-breach. The software continuously monitors network and endpoint activities for malicious actions, allowing users to quickly identify advanced or zero-day malware infections without signatures or sandboxes. More info.

Voltage Secure Stateless Tokenization

Product Name: Voltage Secure Stateless Tokenization

Key features: Offered as part of the Voltage SecureData Enterprise platform, Voltage Secure Stateless Tokenization is an advanced data security solution providing enterprises, merchants and payment processors a new approach for protecting payment card data with significant PCI DSS audit scope reduction. More info.

Product name: PowerBroker for Windows 5.5

Key features: PowerBroker for Windows 5.5 is the industry’s first identity management solution able to leverage the security context provided by vulnerability and privilege data. This latest update includes integration with the Retina CS Threat Management Console, providing robust, enterprise-ready analytics and reporting capabilities for PowerBroker Windows deployments, as well as support for implementing least privilege on Windows 8 systems. More info.