First Look: Ubuntu 13.04

“Raring Ringtail” features performance and stability upgrades, along with social changes – but the controversial shopping lens remains.

Ubuntu 13.04

Raring ringtail is here…

 …but don’t expect a wholesale overhaul in Ubuntu 13.04 – while there are plenty of meaningful changes, the core Ubuntu experience is much the same as earlier stable versions.

Ubuntu 13.04

Unity upgrades

Along with memory consumption improvements and better performance, Ubuntu’s Unity interface got a number of minor tweaks in 13.04, including better typo-tolerance for desktop searches.

Ubuntu 13.04

No more Gwibber!

Yes, Gwibber, generalist social media client to the stars, is no longer present in 13.04. However, the replacement “friends” app should serve you well.

Ubuntu 13.04

LibreOffice 4

The latest version of the popular open-source office suite now comes standard with Raring Ringtail, bringing improved interoperability and personalization options.

Ubuntu 13.04

Linux 3.8.8

The kernel used in Ubuntu 13.04 is based on the latest 3.8.8 version of the base Linux kernel, ensuring that the latest maintenance updates have been included.

Ubuntu 13.04

Ubuntu One Music Store

Since the Ubuntu One music store has gotten its own web-based front end, Canonical has made the decision to axe the local plug-in for it in the default Rhythmbox music player. 

Ubuntu 13.04

But it’s still got that Shopping Lens…

Yes, the controversial feature that presents contextual shopping suggestions via the Unity desktop’s search lens is still there. You can turn it off – but only if you turn off all other online search functions as well. (Or uninstall it manually.)