First Look: Firefox 19

The quick red fox jumps over to a built-in PDF viewer

Firefox 19

While the big news in the latest version of Mozilla's popular open-source browser is the new built-in PDF reader, several under-the-hood improvements and new capabilities for developers are also present.

Firefox 19
Credit: Mozilla
Performance improvements

A pair of bug fixes should provide Firefox 19 with snappier performance and shorter load times, specifically on startup.

Firefox 19
Credit: PCWorld
Built-in PDF reader

Firefox users can say goodbye to the annoying experience of seeing the Adobe Reader splash screen come up every time they incautiously click on a PDF link, because Firefox 19 now has a built-in reader.

Firefox 19
Canvas image blobs

According to Mozilla's original announcement of the feature, allowing canvas elements to export their contents as image blobs is an important design efficiency improvement.

Firefox 19
Remote Web console

You can connect remotely to Android versions of Firefox or Firefox OS using the new remote Web console feature.

Firefox 19
HTML5 CSS additions

New support for CSS layout functions like viewpoint percentage length units, full-width text transform and @page have also been added for Firefox 19.