New products of the week 04.14.14

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as Red Lion Controls and Bradford Networks

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.

Dual Ethernet Console Server with Built In ATS

Product name: Dual Ethernet Console Server with Built In ATS

Key features: An effective solution for secure out-of-band access to remote console port command functions. Includes dual power inlets with built in ATS, event logging and alarm functions and Enterprise Management Software. More info.

Sixnet RAM 9000 Industrial Cellular RTU

Product name: Sixnet RAM 9000 Industrial Cellular RTU

Key features: The rugged RAM 9000 industrial cellular RTU features built-in I/O, active GPS and multiple serial/Ethernet ports to securely monitor and control remote devices via 4G LTE. More info.


Product name: Fleetmatics

Description: On 4/8/2014, Fleetmatics launched the next-gen iteration of its SaaS-based fleet management platform. At the same time, the company launched three corresponding products: Fleetmatics REVEAL, Fleetmatics REVEAL+ and Fleetmatics WORK. More info.

Network Sentry/RTR

Product name:  Network Sentry/RTR

Key features:  automates the complex threat triage process to contain threats in real time. It leverages a live inventory of network connections and integrates with threat detection solutions to automatically correlate security alerts with compromised endpoints. More info.


Data Efficiency Console (DEC)

Product name: Data Efficiency Console (DEC)

Key features: The first commercially available dashboard for data centers that delivers essential metrics (cost per transaction, power usage, revenue per server, and more) for improving operational and energy efficiency. More info.

VirtualViewer HTML5 version 3.4

Product name: VirtualViewer HTML5 version 3.4

Key features: Web-based document viewer contains new mobile capabilities, keyboard shortcuts, text extraction and metadata functionality that work seamlessly across operating systems so organizations can extend the productivity benefits of enterprise mobility. More info.

ASG-Digital Archive

Product name: ASG-Digital Archive

Key features: Updates to ASG-Digital Archive, including instant LTFS media ingest, cloud-based archiving with Amazon and EMC, and media asset management with Primestream, grant media companies more secure, efficient cloud storage and archiving for improved access to content and files. More info.

Cangrade Candidate Assessment Platform

Product name: Candidate Assessment Platform (CAP)

Key features: is a cloud-based software platform for automating the hiring process and predicting employee success that combines rigorous predictive analytics with an easy-to-use Applicant Tracking System. More info.

Citrix ShareFile QuickEdit

Product name - Citrix ShareFile QuickEdit

Key features - is the simplest document-editing tool available for iOS devices. Open, view, create and edit Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files — right from your iPod, iPhone or iPad! And now, when you download ShareFile QuickEdit, you’ll also receive 1GB of free cloud storage from Citrix ShareFile. More info.

3CLogic Athena Reporting Framework

Product name: 3CLogic Athena Reporting Framework

Key features: Provides contact centers with real-time reporting analytics, charting, fully customizable reports across customer service representatives (CSRs), projects, and call centers, using click-drag-drop user interface. More info.