Gigabit WiFi: 802.11ac product sampler

A round-up of current products that implement the 802.11ac “Gigabit Wi-Fi” draft standard
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802.11ac uses a bunch of new techniques to drive Wi-Fi rates into the 433Mbps to 1,300Mbps (or 1.3Gbps) range. The maximum rate uses three spatial streams and 80-MHz channels. The draft is still being finalized (though no serious changes are expected); the Wi-Fi Alliance won’t start certifying interoperability until early 2013; and plug-in 11ac adapters are few (many implementations and reviews use an 11ac bridge or a second 11ac router configured as a bridge).

Here’s an overview of many of the products available as of December 2012.

One caution: Often these products have a model name and number, and a separate product number, which is completely different. Some reviewers use the latter, but the vendor’s product page may carry the former.

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11ac will be faster, but how much faster really?

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