Products of the week 2.25.13

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as ZScaler and NetIQ

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.

Vormetric Toolkit

Product name: Vormetric Toolkit

Key features: Vormetric Toolkit automates and accelerates deployments of Vormetric Data Security in Cloud Service Provider and Enterprise environments from existing management interfaces helping companies protect what matters. More info.

Agility Platform 9.0

Product name: Agility Platform 9.0

Key features: Agility Platform 9.0 enables IT to accelerate the release and deployment of applications onto private, public or hybrid clouds while governing their deployment, orchestration and configuration with extensible policy controls. More info.

iMZ220 and iMZ320

Product name: iMZ220 and iMZ320

Key features: The iMZ220 and iMZ230 mobile printers can print payment receipts, tickets, proof of delivery, invoices and other documentation from Apple devices, as well as Android, Windows Mobile and Blackberry. The small, lightweight printers support 2-inch and 3-inch print width and are ideal for retail, field service, hospitality, law enforcement and transportation and logistics industries. More info.

KnowledgeTree for Sales and Marketing

Product name: KnowledgeTree for Sales and Marketing

Key features: KnowledgeTree’s cloud-based tools helps sales get collateral that closes deals and marketing iterate to improve collateral quality. New functionality automatically organizes collateral by business concept. More info.

ClickExpress Lite

Product Name: ClickExpress Lite

Key features: ClickExpress Lite puts real-time project management in the grasp of small teams and organizations. It offers powerful collaboration so teams of up to 20 can create, share and track tasks. More info.

Kona Site Defender 2.0

Product name: Kona Site Defender 2.0

Key features: Akamai’s denial-of-service defense is stiffened by a new user verification system and improved detection methods. More info.

Zscaler Security Cloud with “big visibility” security analytics

Product name: Zscaler Security Cloud with “big visibility” security analytics

Key features: Zscaler announces upgraded capability of its Security Cloud service to enable IT administrators instant visibility into the security and productivity of their users worldwide across web, mobile and email platforms. More info.

StealthWatch 6.3

Product name: StealthWatch 6.3

Key features: The newest version of StealthWatch System will further improve security and network operations for governments and large enterprises. Delivering advanced levels of network insight, StealthWatch 6.3 enables organizations to reduce the risks associated with sophisticated cyber-attacks while significantly enhancing their network reliability and integrity. More info.

Xsuite for VMware vSphere

Product name: Xsuite for VMware vSphere

Key features: Xsuite for VMware vSphere provides a comprehensive privileged identity and access management solution that protects traditional systems along with infrastructure running on VMware and public-cloud environments. More info.

The Pwn Pad

Product name: The Pwn Pad

Key features: a commercial grade penetration testing tablet provides professionals an ease of use in evaluating wired and wireless networks. This high-speed, lightweight device, featuring extended battery life and 7 inches of screen real estate offers pentesters an alternative never known before. More info.

Accellion Mobile Productivity Suite

Product name: Accellion Mobile Productivity Suite

Key features: Accellion Mobile Productivity Suite allows users to securely create, edit, view, sync and collaborate on Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files all within Accellion’s secure container on iOS devices. More info.

Xamarin 2.0

Product name: Xamarin 2.0

Key features: Build native iOS and Android apps in C#. Xamarin 2.0 enables iOS development in Visual Studio, and launches Xamarin Component Store, Xamarin Studio IDE and a free Starter edition. More info.

Chartio Salesforce Integration

Product name: Chartio Salesforce Integration

Key features: Chartio announced support for Salesforce, allowing people to visualize their Salesforce data in real-time alongside other data sources. More info.

Newvem Cloud Care

Product name: Newvem Cloud Care

Key features: Newvem Cloud Care actively tracks cloud health in order to help reveal and solve cloud irregularities related to cost, security, utilization and availability, while ensuring IT governance and compliance. More info.

VoiceSource Express (VSE) 420 Server

Product name: VoiceSource Express (VSE) 420 Server

Key features: Targeted at large telcos expanding their mobile subscriber bases, the high-end Unisys VSE420 server supports up to 8 million subscribers and up to 24 million in a three-system cluster. More info.


Product name: Viralheat

Key features: Viralheat is a unified social media marketing suite for businesses. Viralheat combines social media management and intelligence in a single platform encompassing account management, monitoring, engagement, and analytics. More info.

xPico Wi-Fi module

Product name – xPico Wi-Fi module

Key features – The xPico Wi-Fi embedded module is a compact wireless device server designed for easy and fast serial-to-Wi-Fi connectivity. It makes for simple migration from wired to wireless applications. More info.

Drobo 5N and Barracuda Copy joint cloud storage solution

Product name • Drobo 5N and Barracuda Copy joint cloud storage solution

Key features • The Drobo and Barracuda joint solution brings cloud accessibility and storage to Drobo users, integrating the Drobo 5N with Barracuda Copy to access shared files from any location on any device. More info.

Chromebook Pixel

Product name: Chromebook Pixel

Key features: In contrast to previous Chromebooks, the Pixel sports high-end components and premium features - with a correspondingly high price point. More info.

SocialAccess 1.0

Product name: SocialAccess 1.0

Key features: SocialAccess 1.0 allows organizations to leverage social identity from providers such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google and share select identity information for authentication via OAuth and OpenID Connect. More info.

CloudAccess 1.1

Product name: CloudAccess 1.1

Key features: CloudAccess enables IT to automatically provision users single sign-on experience to SaaS or cloud applications such as Google Apps and SalesForce, and build connection to any SAML-enabled third-party service. More info.