3 reasons why IT execs need to go out to lunch more

Collaboration with executives in charge of marketing, analytics, digital strategy are key to your long-term success

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In the last couple of years, social, mobile, analytics and cloud technologies have risen to the top of many organizations' agendas. IDC calls the combination of these technologies "the third platform" and predicts they will account for 89% of technology spending this year.


However, strong enterprise interest does not guarantee that IT will be a key player in business strategies that hinge on the use of these technologies. Other heads of business functions with a capital C in their titles are jockeying for a prime role in these strategic technology initiatives, including chief marketing officers, chief analytics officers, chief data officers, chief digital officers and chief customer officers. In some cases, CIOs aren’t even aware that their company has a dedicated analytics group or has hired someone to lead the digital strategy, and in others, the CMO, CAO, CDO or other C-suite title sees IT as a bottleneck, not an enabler.

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