Products of the week 2.11.13

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as CA and Cloudyn

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.

VX Virtual WAN Accelerator for Hyper-V

Product name: VX Virtual WAN Accelerator for Hyper-V

Key features: Silver Peak’s VX Virtual WAN Accelerator for Hyper-V gives customers a flexible, cost-effective solution. With multi-gigabit per second virtual WAN acceleration, it delivers 20x the capacity of alternatives. More info.

RedSeal Security Risk Management Platform 6.5

Product name: RedSeal Security Risk Management Platform 6.5

Key features: RedSeal 6.5 extends its continuous monitoring and security risk management capabilities to include over 60 new features that address “dark space” – the up to 18% of network infrastructure that is unmanaged, unmonitored and unseen by security tools because administrators don’t know it exists – as well as support for BYOD initiatives, deeper risk metrics and SIEM integration. More info.

StruxureWare Data Center Operation for Co-location

Product name: StruxureWare Data Center Operation for Co-location

Key features: StruxureWare for Data Center Operation Co-location is a software application specifically designed for multi-tenant data centers, providing real-time capacity updates, insight into usage and availability on a tenant level, detailed chargeback for power, and integrated tenant billing and support. More info.

Protect On Q 3.1

Product name: Protect On Q 3.1

Key features: Quarri Protect On Q 3.1 extends protection to Microsoft Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10 to safeguard users’ browser sessions from theft and data leakage. More info.

Lily 2.0

Product name: Lily 2.0

Key features: Lily 2.0 is a Big Data consumer intelligence solution. New set of innovative modules include the Lily Customer Database, Lily Customer Applications, NGDATA Data Services, and enhancements to the Lily Data Repository. More info.

Nomadix Wireless Connect Gateway (NWCG)

Product name – Nomadix Wireless Connect Gateway (NWCG)

Key features – NWCG is all-in-one Wi-Fi hotspot and Internet access gateway. More than simply a Wi-Fi hotspot, it’s also a gateway in a box, which can be used as a standalone four LAN port authentication gateway to monitor and control Internet access for guests and visitors. It’s designed for smaller establishments where visitors want to connect to the local area network. More info.


Product: SecurEd

Key features: SecurEd is a training module that helps organizations build a culture of security. Each module package includes training 12 videos covering essential security topics (Quicktime and mp4 files for viewing on PC, iPad and mobile devices), test questions and answers, support communication. More info.

Webtrends Streams

Product name: Webtrends Streams

Key features: Webtrends Streams is a ground-breaking digital intelligence solution allowing marketers to harness and optimize rich visitor-level data, as-it happens, across all digital properties, including web sites, mobile, and social channels. More info.

CA CloudMinder

Product name = CA CloudMinder

Key features = CA CloudMinder provides enterprise-grade identity management, federated SSO and strong authentication as a cloud service. It supports on-premise and cloud-based applications and social identities with capability to operate seamlessly with on premise IAM solutions. More info.

ESET Cyber Security Pro

Product name: ESET Cyber Security Pro

Key features: ESET Cyber Security Pro maximizes the security of your Mac with multiple layers of protection from various cyber threats, as well as identity theft without sacrificing your Mac experience. More info.

UnboundID Identity Data Platform 4.0

Product name – UnboundID Identity Data Platform 4.0

Key features – Complex data from multiple sources can be unified/prioritized for sub-millisecond response times. Supports accessibility through LDAP and SCIM protocols. Increases usability by incorporating a generic REST-based Identity API. More info.

Gandi Private VLAN

Product: Gandi Private VLAN

Key features: Gandi Private VLAN allows customers to link their Gandi Cloud VPS instances across private segments, using VLANs. This new approach uses standards-compliant technology that allows cloud service providers to overcome the limitations that used to hamper the ability to scale the network side of their offerings. More info.

Visual QR Code

Product name: Visual QR Code

Key features: Visual QR Codes enable any image to be scanned by any standard QR code reader and without the QR code dots, to effectively lead users from offline to online content. More info.

Cloudyn Optimization Toolbox

Product name: Cloudyn Optimization Toolbox

Key features: New features include Amazon cloud EC2 and RDS Reservation Detectors and S3 Life-Cycle Tracker that help companies optimize their AWS spend by 34% to 46%. More info.

Appium on Sauce

Product name: Appium on Sauce

Key features: Appium on Sauce, based on the open source project Appium written in Node.js, is a new way to automatically test your native and mobile web hybrid iOS apps in the cloud. More info.

mCloud Osmium

Product name: mCloud Osmium

Key features: mCloud Osmium is a multi-tenant, scalable public cloud solution with built-in billing software that allows service providers to build public clouds in 100 vCPU and 15 terabyte (TB) blocks. More info.

Audio Video Bridging (AVB 802.1Q)

Product name: Audio Video Bridging (AVB 802.1Q)

Key features: reduced complexity of cabling and installations for audio and video systems. synchronization, integrated quality of service and low latency delivered over a multivendor, interoperable Ethernet network. infrastructure negotiates and manages the network for optimal prioritized media transport. More info.

inSync Private Cloud

Product name: inSync Private Cloud

Key features: Elastic, multi-node on-premises private cloud architecture with single master node for authentication and management; provides details audit logs and integrations with AD/LDAP. More info.

Veeam Backup Cloud Edition

Product name: Veeam Backup Cloud Edition

Key features: Veeam Backup Cloud Edition enables customers to transform any of 15 public storage clouds into a powerful, easy-to-use and affordable alternative to tape and traditional off-site backup storage. More info.