10 awesome ways to celebrate International Star Wars Day

How to celebrate Star Wars Day: May the fourth be with you

Star Wars
Happy Star Wars Day

May has come, so it's time for some "Star Wars" fun. If you're not familiar, May 4 of each year is celebrated as International Star Wars Day (Get it: "May the fourth be with you"?) With "Star Wars" enthusiasts excited about the upcoming release of more "Star Wars" movies, there are more ways than ever to celebrate this holiday.

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Star Wars
Get ready for more "Star Wars" movies

They're coming! After a decade-long hiatus, reports are that Disney -- which acquired the "Star Wars" franchise from Lucasfilm last year for $4 billion -- will release new "Star Wars" movies for three consecutive years beginning in 2015.

Star Wars Episode 7
What will happen in Episode 7?

Entertainment website ComingSoon.net has an interview with "Star Wars" Episode 7 director J.J. Abrams (who also directed the recent "Star Trek" movies). He's mum on what to expect though, telling Playboy Magazine: "It's so early it would be insane to discuss details or get into plot points about what this unfilmed movie will be." Michael Arndt, who wrote "Toy Story 3" and "Little Miss Sunshine," is reportedly writing the screen play. The "Star Wars" official site has news on the movies too, but everyone knows the rumor mills are where are the juicy information is. For fans looking for the absolute latest, we recommend a Google News alert.

"Vader" someone

If all that anticipation about a new "Star Wars" film is frustrating, you can vent it out by "Vadering" someone. It's become somewhat of a fad recently, but it’s never too late to get in on the fun. *Hint: To make a Vadering photo, find a friend (or someone who has not been cooperating that needs to be taught a lesson), have them jump in the air while another person stands in front of them pretending to choke them. Snap a photo at just the right moment and you have your Vadering shot. It may require a couple of takes to get the timing just right, FYI. Post it on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #Vadering.

Depressed Darth
Follow your favorite "Star Wars" characters on Twitter

For Twitter users out there (and if you're not on Twitter, get on there!) there are a variety of "Star Wars" accounts worth following. Our pick of the litter is @DepressedDarth, who mixes in tweets from the galactic universe and the dark side with pop culture references. "Dear Beliebers, Please all get together in one place so the Death Star can test its accuracy. Sincerely, The Empire," for example. @DeathStarPR and @yoda are other good ones. For more legitimate updates from a galaxy far, far away, follow @StarWars, the official "Star Wars" twitter account. Chewbacca (@cr_wookie) is another one, but he can be difficult to understand.

Death Star pinata
Arts & crafts: Make lightsabers or a Death Star piñata

If you're into arts and crafts, there are a plenty of "Star Wars" projects to work on for the holiday. Cardboard paper towel rolls, along with these PDF printouts, make a lightsaber, for example. There are other projects too, like a Death Star piñata or a "Star Wars"-themed snow globe.

Star Wars phone case
Trick your phone out with "Star Wars" stuff

Show off your "Star Wars" pride with these phone cases. Etsy has this Galaxy S III case of the frozen Hans Solo, which is available in iPhone 4 and 4S versions as well. R2-D2 versions are available to turn your phone into the coolest droid around.

Star Wars bow tie
Rock a "Star Wars" bow tie

Featuring the dynamic duo of R2-D2 on one side and sidekick C-3P0 on the other, this bow tie is a sure-fire way to show off your "Star Wars" pride.

Millennium Falcon T-shirt
Get your loved one some "Star Wars" jewelry or clothing

For the ladies who may not be amenable to wearing bow ties, not to fear: There are a variety of accessories for you, such as "Star Wars" jewelry and Millennium Falcon T-shirts.

Star Wars decal
"Star Wars" decals

If you really want to trick out a wall, show your "Star Wars" pride with this 3-foot by 2-foot wall decal, perfect to display over any true "Star Wars" fan's bed.

Get down to Disney World

For the first time, Disney (which now owns the rights to the "Star Wars" films) will be celebrating May 4 in style, with characters available for photos. Participate in a Jedi training academy and listen to bands playing "Star Wars" tunes. If you can't make it for the big day, Disney will continue the festivities starting May 17 for weekly "Star Wars" celebrations.

Star Wars Celebration Europe
Book your trip to Star Wars Celebration Europe

If you're a real "Star Wars" diehard, Disney World just might not cut it. Hardcore "Star Wars" fans make the trek all the way out to Germany for the European Star Wars celebration. Meet and get autographs from Ian McDiarmid (a.k.a. Darth Sidious/Chancellor Palpatine), Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia) and both young and old Boba Fett. Costume contests, collectable displays and original movie props will also all be on site. Book your trip today to Messe Essen, Germany, for the last weekend in July! More information here