The redesign of

Welcome to the new We have overhauled the site to make it easier to navigate and, behind the scenes, migrated to a content management system that improves the customer experience for visitors using smartphones or tablets.

The first thing you are likely to notice is the bolder presentation, featuring more white space, bigger type and more images. Taken together, this should make it easier for you to more quickly identify items that matter to you most, and make it easier to consume that content.

We still feature the big stories of the day down the left column, breaking news headlines down the middle, and the top new blog posts on the far right. But we’ve added some other navigation aids to optimize your time on site, including:

* Trending: At the very top of the home page is a list of the topics the industry is buzzing about at the moment, giving you one-click access to the hottest happenings.


* Most read: To the right of the Network World banner is a drop-down list featuring the stories the community finds most interesting.


* Editors picks: This module, a few blocks down in the left column, lists stories that have big picture ramifications that the Network World editors don’t want you miss.


* Improved search: The search engine has been replaced and is proving to be much more accurate, which should save you time when you are researching projects.

The usual list of technology topics that used to crowd the top of the homepage now can be found in the “hamburger” to the left of the Network World banner, an icon that has become increasingly standard across the Web for navigation menus. While many of the topics listed here are the same, you will also now find some new entries, including one for Tech Primers to help you keep up with new tech developments.

Lower on the home page you’ll also notice:

sdn news

* A block featuring the latest news on Software Defined Networking, a topic we continue to examine in-depth as the industry retools.

* And a Twitter block that aggregates the tweets from some of the industry luminaries Network World tracks, which gives you a broader sense of what is happening in the industry at large.


When you click into a story you’ll find we have eased navigation by including more content on every page, reducing the number of “jumps” needed to read a piece through to conclusion. And we’ve added a field of topic tags near the top that makes it easier to pull up a list of related resources at the click of a button.


And finally, if you access from a tablet or smartphone, all of the new site functionality will be the same regardless of the type of device you’re using thanks to use of responsive design technologies, including HTML5 and CSS3.

Hopefully you’ll find the changes helpful. If you have any feedback please drop me a note at

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