Microsoft keeps Xbox One E3 focus on games

Now in second place, Microsoft uses E3 keynote to discuss slew of new video games

Editor’s Note: The following is a transcript of the video seen above:

Voiceover: When head of Microsoft’s Xbox division Phil Spencer took the stage ahead of E3 and said the company’s presentation would be all about games this year, he wasn’t kidding. For the next 90 minutes the company showed trailer after trailer of exclusive titles that would come to the Xbox One console over the next year.

“Halo The Master Chief Collection”, available in November, will include 45 campaign missions and more than 100 multiplayer maps in what is one of the iconic franchises for the platform.

“Forza Motorsport 5” adds one of the world’s most famous race tracks, the Nürburgring. The track has been laser scanned to millimeter accuracy.

And “Tom Clancy’s The Division” puts players in a post-pandemic New York City that has collapsed into chaos following a deadly disease. It will debut in 2015.

Microsoft spent much of its time on games for good reason. Once the king of the console wars, Microsoft has found itself in a new position, second place to Sony’s PlayStation 4. Last year at E3 Microsoft spent much of its time on features of the Xbox One other than gaming.

Lewis Ward, Research Manager, IDC: “I think Microsoft got some pushback last year on the way they chose to introduce Xbox One that it wasn’t gaming-centric. They were like, ‘Where are the games?’, and what Sony did was more centered on AAA games and exclusive games, and gamers first and all that stuff. In terms of the non-gaming stuff, I think that’s really important. The community stuff. Like I said Twitch streaming services of game play, the video downloads and it being able to play music through it and all these sorts of things. It’s an important nice to have, but it’s not the centerpiece of why people buy these consoles. Our survey data shows that the games catalog and the price are critical buying factors, and some of the online services are much lower to why people by the systems.”

Voiceover: Since the launch of Xbox One in November, Microsoft has taken an about face on the inclusion of a Kinect sensor. It has since unbundled Kinect and dropped the price to $399, allowing it to better compete with the PlayStation 4. During its E3 presentation this year it made no mention of the Kinect sensor.

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