How to orange juice-proof your iPhone

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(Credit Dryzoo)

Isn’t that a horrifying image above? Not just an iPhone, but also an iPad, both submerged in water…oh, the humanity!

Like you, I’m always really, really careful whenever my electronics get anywhere near water. One fumble around a sink or a swimming pool or even a puddle and your expensive smartphone, pad computer, or whatever becomes an inert conversation piece (“Yep, that’s my Google Glass I fumbled in the bathroom last week”).

And even when you’re really careful, there are the devices that, despite your utmost and most nervous care, can wind up in the drink simply because something goes wrong. I’m thinking about gadgets such as quadcopters.

Let’s say you’ve shelled out for a DJI Phantom 2 Vision (which I’ve had in for review and which is, as you might guess, ******* cool). You decide to fly across a swimming pool and, plop! In it goes. You are now out $1,200…that is, unless you’ve water-proofed the machine.

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DSLRPros, which describe themselves as“[independent film] equipment and aerial film-making specialists with expertise in the technology and delivery of aerial unmanned systems for personal and professional use (non-military grade),”offered a service to “Watersafe”DJI Phantoms. The service uses, or rather used, a product called Liquipel that forms a nano-coating that, as you can see in the following video, worked amazingly well.

(Credit DSLRPros)

Alas for drone owners, DSLRPros have dropped their drone waterproofing service in favor of launching their own completely waterproof drone because the Liquipel treatment is “costly and time consuming to treat, install, and test.”

Fear not, drone owners, another contender in electronics waterproofing that may, eventually, be able to help you is Dryzoo, which launched last week on Indiegogo. Their process sounds very similar to Liquipel’s, but Dryzoo’s pricing of $50 for a smartphone is $10 less (and you get a free screen protector).

061114 gibbs3 Dryzoo

For now, they’re only treating a limited range of electronic devices that includes selected phones, iPods, tablets, and cameras. Another excellent feature of the company’s service is that they offer a 24-hour turnaround.

To show how well the treatment works, Dryzoo has a great video …

(Credit Dryzoo)

The treatment is rated "IPX7," which means it withstood 30 minutes under 3 feet of water (I assume it similarly withstands orange juice).

With their Indiegogo campaign, Dryzoo is looking for just $55,000 (it’s a flexible funding campaign so the company will receive the funds even if the goal isn’t met) and the $30 Early Bird Phone perks immediately sold out, leaving the $50 perk for phones, iPods, and compact cameras, the $80 tablet perk, and the $125 DSLR perk.

A bonus they add to all treatments is providing one of their Boom Shields free with each treated device. This appears to be a remarkably tough cover …

(Credit Dryzoo)

Is the Dryzoo treatment worth it? When you consider that your insurance policy on your iPhone probably doesn’t cover water damage then it’s a cheap way to protect your investment and the company offers a one-year device replacement guarantee for treated smartphones and tablets.

I’m betting they’ll have more business than they can handle just from smartphones, so it might be a while before they get around to quadcopters.

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