New products of the week 06.23.14

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as AppNeta and Trend Micro

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.

ResolutionOne Platform Mobile Agent

Product name: ResolutionOne Platform Mobile Agent

Key features: The new mobile agent extends the rapid detection and response capabilities of the ResolutionOne Platform, capturing mobile device data for real-time threat detection and analysis on iOS and Android. More info.

User Satisfaction Dashboard

Product name: User Satisfaction Dashboard (USD)

Key features: AppNeta’s User Satisfaction Dashboard delivers a view of overall web application performance by integrating and scoring performance across the entire application transaction, helping improve user satisfaction and decrease operational costs. More info.

CloudFactory 8.0

Product name: CloudFactory 8.0

Key features: provides organizations with secure, compliant and mobile workspaces that deliver individualized resources, applications and services. Customers can leverage existing datacenter assets – mainframe, distributed, virtualized and private cloud environments – for a user-focused cloud experience. More info.

Barracuda Web Filter version 8.0

Product name – Barracuda Web Filter version 8.0 

Key features– now supports Chromebooks (for 1:1 initiatives), Wireless Access Point (WAP) Integration (for BYOD initiatives), customizable dashboards and more. More info.

Birst for SAP HANA

Product name: Birst for SAP HANA

Key features: allows organizations to take advantage of Birst’s enterprise-caliber analytics on top of the latest in-memory technology from SAP. Business users can analyze more detailed data faster. More info.

Carbonite Appliance HT10

Product name: Carbonite Appliance HT10

Key features: A hybrid backup solution for small businesses delivering speed of local backup and ultimate safety of the cloud, protecting businesses against data loss and minimizing downtime, at disruptive, low cost. More info.

CloudWeaver Beta support for Google Compute Engine (GCE)

CloudWeaver Beta support for Google Compute Engine (GCE)

Product name: CloudWeaver Beta support for Google Compute Engine (GCE)

Pricing: Monthly subscription per bundle of instances: 1-10 instances: $100/month;  11-100 instances: $500 /month;  101-300 : $2000 /month; 301-1000: $8000/month.

Key features: CloudWeaver provides cloud analytics and optimization solutions for cloud applications, and now includes beta support for GCE. More info.

The Delphix Compliance Engine

Product name: Delphix Compliance Engine

Key features: is a virtual appliance that enhances data security and governance by combining data masking and AWS support to address regulatory compliance issues and secure cloud migration. More info.

SSD Cloud Server and High RAM Cloud Server

Product names: SSD Cloud Server and High RAM Cloud Server

Key features: GoGrid offers the only SSD and High RAM Cloud Servers on 10-Gbps network fabric available on-demand across multiple data centers and tailored to run high-volume, real-time workloads. More info.

Instart Logic Cloud Application Delivery

Product name: Instart Logic Cloud Application Delivery

Key features: Instart Logic uses Software-Defined Application Delivery as a smarter and faster approach to delivering web applications. Its unique cloud-client platform and web application streaming technology solves performance challenges inherent in wireless connections and makes content delivery networks (CDNs) obsolete. More Info


Product name: Switch-IB

Key features: the first switch capable of 100Gbps speeds, and further paves the way to end-to-end 100Gbps interconnect, enabling large amounts of data transfer at the fastest speeds. More info.

MobileSpaces 3.0

Product name: MobileSpaces 3.0

Key features: the first BYOD container with on-demand VPN access for Android devices, giving users automatic connectivity to Microsoft Lync, SharePoint, and other applications or services behind the firewall. More info.

Parallels Access

Product name: Parallels Access

Key features: The Parallels remote access app lets you interact with your home computer from your iPad – and, in the latest release, from an iPhone or Android device. They’ve also added Facebook login integration, a new file browser, and the ability to use your mobile device’s microphone to send sounds to the remote computer. More info.

RSA Archer Audit Management

Product: RSA Archer Audit Management

Key Features: enables organizations to quickly adjust audit plans and engagements based on a dynamic view of risk. It helps to streamline the audit process, allowing teams to focus on the most pressing issues and business challenges. New features include: Audit Entity Risk Assessment, Enhanced Resource Scheduling and Staffing, and Offline Audit Access. More info.

ServiceNow Software-as-a-Service Platform

Product name: ServiceNow Software-as-a-Service Platform

Key features: new service automation apps that are simple enough for non-technical workers to create and use. These include – Service Creator, Visual Task Boards, CIO Roadmap and the Facilities Service Automation Application. More info.

The HDMI Wireless Video Extender


Key features: a distinctly compact design that is ideal for extending video wirelessly from a laptop or Ultrabook. The extender kit, which supports wireless HDMI video extension at distances of up to 15-meters/50-feet, is more portable than most comparable wireless video extenders, making it easier to use and carry with a mobile computer. More info.

Recover2Cloud for Server Replication – IBM

Product name: •Recover2Cloud for Server Replication – IBM i
•Recover2Cloud for Server Replication - AIX

Key features: Recover2Cloud for Server Replication for IBM iand AIX deliver cloud recovery to mission-critical applications operating on AIX and IBM i, recovering applications in four hours or less. More info.

TITUS Classification Suite

Product name: TITUS Classification Suite

Key features: helps enterprise end users easily and intuitively identify, protect and share unstructured information in email, Office documents and other file types like media files, PDFs, and more. More info.

Deep Security

Product name: Deep Security

Key features: Deep Security enables VMware vCloud Hybrid Service customers to address their cloud security needs by seamlessly extending on-premise security to their cloud workloads. More info.

Triumfant Resolution Manager

Product name: Triumfant Resolution Manager

Key features: The Triumfant solution – offering real-time detection and automatic remediation of advanced malware and other sophisticated attacks occurring in-memory or on a computer hard drive – now supports Mac Operating Systems. More info.

ClearPath Dorado 6390

Product name: ClearPath Dorado 6390

Key features: Running Unisys ClearPath OS 2200, Linux and Windows applications, the Dorado 6390 delivers up to four times the I/O performance of comparable CMOS-based predecessors, using 90 percent fewer I/O processors. More info.

Voltage SecureData Suite for Test / Dev

Product Name: Voltage SecureData Suite for Test / Dev

Pricing: Starts at $40,000 for the Open Systems Standard Edition; $70,000 for the Open Systems Enterprise Edition; and $95,000 for the Mainframe Systems Edition

Key features: Consisting of software, support and services, the Voltage SecureData Suite for Test / Dev provides maximum data protection with industry standards-accepted, next-generation Voltage Format-preserving Encryption (FPE) and Secure Stateless Tokenization (SST) technologies.  More info.

Out-of-Band Branch Office Management Solution

Product name: Out-of-Band Branch Office Management Solution

Key features: Out-of-band console access and remote power control in a compact format, ideal for managing networked devices in kiosks and equipment cabinets. Features alarm and monitoring capabilities plus enterprise management software. More info.

CipherPost Pro App

Product name: CipherPost Pro App

Key features: is now available on all BlackBerry devices via BlackBerry World. The app allows users to seamlessly create, read, track and reply to encrypted messages on any smartphone or tablet. More info.

Co3 Security Module

Product Name: Co3 Security Module

Key features: Latest updates add support for conditional incident processing, sophisticated incident filtering and reporting, and systematized incident resolution. More info.