Steve Jobs and his gadgets … in LEGO

From the man in mini-figure to the iPad, iPhone, Mac and more

Apple + Jobs + LEGO
With memorial services honoring Steve Jobs set to continue Oct. 19 with a "celebration" of the man's life held on the Apple campus in Cupertino, here's a look at an art form used frequently over the years to celebrate his creations: LEGO.
CREDIT (By Joey Kwok)
Built by Joe Meno
iPhone and dock

Built by Nick McGlynn

Rotating iPhone dock

Built by Steven Combs

Mac Pro
Designed in Lego Digital Designer 2.0 for MacMod Challenge 2008
Steve and Steve

PodBrix scene set in '72

iPhone LEGO NXT Robot

iPhone-controlled rover built using Mindstorm NXT kit (via Ars Technica)

iPod and buds

LEGO Mac, circa 2003
So famous it has its own Web site 
LEGO Macintosh

Slide body goes here.

Apple Store
Created by Texas LEGO User Group, it has products inside. (Via TUAW) 
"CubeDude" Steve Jobs