This company ranked the best products in Amazon’s cloud marketplace

There are more than 2,000 products in Amazon’s marketplace, but only about 140 have multiple positive reviews

One of the biggest strengths of Amazon Web Service’s market-leading IaaS offering is the company’s Marketplace.

Think of the AWS Marketplace as the Apple App Store or Google Play store, but all for Amazon’s cloud. Customers of AWS can find all sorts of tools in here, from cloud optimization and cost tracking products, to databases and security tools.

But there are a lot of products: 2,291 of them in fact (as of June 1st, 2014). So SaaS company CloudEndure - which is one of those companies in the AWS marketplace - began wondering: Which products are the best ones in the marketplace?

CloudEndure compiled a chart of all the companies that had at least two reviews of three (out of five) stars or more. When considered that way, there are only 146 products from 54 companies that make the cut. 146 is a little more manageable than 2,291. CloudEndure organized them by various categories: Developer tools, software, testing, networking tools, etc. Check out the full infographic here:

aws marketplace game of clouds map CloudEndure

Performance assurance company CloudEndure ranked the 140 products in Amazon's Marketplace that had at least two reviews of three (out of five) stars or more, and organized them into a "Game of Thrones" style map. 

For some inexplicable reason, CloudEndure decided to organize the list as a “Game of Thrones” themed fantasy map and call it the “Game of Clouds.” Don’t ask why. 

The point here is that the AWS Marketplace is a big place. But it’s much smaller if you rank the products based on reviews.  

It also got Cloud Chronicles thinking - are there other cloud-related big data sets that could be analyzed and paired down into valuable information? At Network World we’re always looking for data-inspired stories to write. Let us know in the comments if you have any ideas.

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