The 41 best Oculus Rift virtual reality games, demos, and experiences

Cruise the solar system. Ride a rollercoaster. Try a Minecraft mod. If you've got a fancy Oculus VR headsets, these are the games and demos you want to play.
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Engulfed in new worlds

People should start getting their hands on the vastly improved second-generation Oculus Rift Development Kit (DK2) today, and that means it's time to introduce a whole bunch of people to the best of what virtual reality has to offer. After all, hardware is one thing—but it takes compelling software to really sell someone on VR as a legitimate market.

Over the past year I've played...well, pretty much everything of note that Oculus Rift has to offer, and can definitively say that these 41 games and demos are the best experiences publicly available today. In other words, no EVE: Valkyrie or Alien: Isolation—these are demos and games you could go play right this moment with your brand new DK2 (or your original Oculus Development Kit, if you're not one of the lucky ones receiving new hardware today).

I've also taken the time to say whether these demos are best suited for VR beginners or veterans, so you can start slow and work your way up. Keep a sick bag close—just in case—and enjoy.

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