Current bands with the techiest names

Big Data and others are geeking out the music scene

A simple question: What are the techiest/geekiest band names going these days?

I've started a list and would love your help building it out...

*Alt-J: This English indie rock band gets its name from the delta symbol, which can be created on a Mac keyboard using the Alt and J keys.

*Big Data: "a paranoid electronic music project from the Internet, formed out of a general distrust for technology and The Cloud (despite a growing dependence on them)."

*Dot Commies: A 90's cover band from Nashville.

*We Were Promised Jetpacks: A Scottish indie rock band.

*The Bots: Los Angeles brothers and bandmates who recorded their first album when they were 15 and 12.

*The Internet: Soul band formed in 2011 and that's touring in 2015 behind a new album titled Ego Death.

If you're hungry for more tech-themed band names, you could also go over to the Band Name Maker website and plug in your favorite terms, like I did hear with the word "router":

Band Name Maker Band Name Maker
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