You better not shout, you better not cry, 'cause you can't leave Comcast without telling 'em why

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Ryan Block wanted to cancel his Comcast subscription but Comcast wasn’t going to let him go easily ...

Ryan Block, the former head of Engadget and founder of GDGT and who is now at AOL, just wanted to cancel his Comcast service. But when he called Comcast the rep wasn’t about to let him off easily unless Block explained exactly why he wanted to cancel his account. 

A Mexican stand-off ensued with the rep aggressively and repeatedly demanding an explanation and Block, with what I can only classify as superhuman restraint (I would have been spitting teeth after a couple of minutes of this BS), politely declining to answer every time.

Fortunately for us, ten minutes after the start of the call when it became clear this was no ordinary customer service call, Block had the presence of mind to record the exchange which went on for another 8 minutes:

This was crazy but, I suspect, not extraordinary. If you've had a similar experience with Comcast (or any other company) please comment below.

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