Oracle's Donovan Comments on WebRTC Issues and Promise

Is WebRTC ready for the enterprise?

Larry recently sat down to discuss WebRTC with Jim Donovan, Oracle’s Director of Product Management, and Donovan identified some of the trends he’s seeing.   Donovan’s company released the Oracle WebRTC Session Controller, and has been working with customer segments that included numerous market segments such as service providers, enterprises and contact centers. Donovan touched on use cases for each of these segments in the interview.

Beginning with how WebRTC is positioned with Unified Communications, Donovan said, “You're starting to see the enterprise use WebRTC in the context of Unified Communications as kind of a complement to what they might be doing with thick client functionality provided by one of the existing unified communications vendors. And then you're also starting to see new communication experiences show up in existing business applications.” He added, “You’re seeing WebRTC powering a lot of the new and innovative features in those types of business applications.”

Touching on some of the issues with WebRTC today, Donovan remarked, “I would kind of put the challenges in three major categories."

  • "How do you ensure WebRTC provides the same sort of reliability that people might be used to in traditional PSTN today?
  • Interoperability, when you look at all the different browser types and mobile devices and back-ends that WebRTC solutions might need to plug into.
  • Security [where] we’ve done a very good job of securing PSTN and voice over IP applications . . . and [now we] have to make sure . . . we’re not taking any steps backwards with regards to communication security.”

Donovan also pointed out some other issues that need to be addressed to move WebRTC apps forward, but when asked if he believed that WebRTC was ready for the enterprise, he quickly replied, “I do. My team has been fortunate to be working with the technology for a number of years and watching how the standards evolved. And we’ve had some good success in deploying our solutions with some fairly well-known applications so far. And I think that the initial deployments were typically early adopter phase and I think the early adopters have paved the way for a large number of lab pilots over the course of 2014.”

For more of Donovan’s insights, including some of the problems, solutions, and the potential opportunities, you can access the full transcript or audio file by clicking here. Our thanks to Donovan for sharing his experiences; we will have other industry insiders commenting on WebRTC in future newsletters.

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