How to Select IT Talent in a Merger

One of a CIO’s biggest leadership challenges is retaining the best IT talent in the throes of a merger, acquisition or divestiture.

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In today’s dog-merge-dog world, one of the greatest challenges is determining how to weave the IT talent from merging companies into one successful, thriving organization. Divestitures pose the same challenge: deciding who will stay and who will go.

“Skill sets can differ and requirements can differ for acquisition versus divestiture,” says Brian Lurie, former CIO of global manufacturer Gardner Denver, “but talent is needed in both situations.” He says that when making selections, CIOs should remember that “skills can be learned, but talents are innate.” So it’s important to have candid conversations with managers at the other company.

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“The two CIOs from the merging companies need to work together, along with their executive teams, to outline the current organizations and develop [a vision for] the future organization,” says Sue Haindl, vice president of Anexinet and a former operations and IT leader at Pew Charitable Trusts and Exelon. “You should start thinking about talent during the early deal discussions.”

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