15 Windows 9 features we want to see in Microsoft's next OS

Windows 9 can right the wrongs (both real and perceived) inflicted by Windows 8, as well as make Microsoft more competitive with Apple and Google.
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Wishing for Windows 9

Windows 9 doesn’t yet have a release date, but we’re already considering all the tweaks and features we’d like to see in Microsoft’s inevitable OS. 

Sure, Windows 8 has gotten better with each revision. The initial version was saddled with a confusing user interface, but after two major updates Windows 8 is finally polished enough—and balanced enough—that its mere presence on a machine should no longer make users recoil in fear.

But a full version update to Windows 9 could still go a long way in helping Microsoft distance itself from the bad Windows 8 vibes that remain. So whether it’s coming sooner or later, these are the 15 things we want to see as Microsoft continues to evolve its mobile-desktop mash-up.

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