Video documents 'audacious' protest flight over massive NSA data center in Utah

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Credit: (Photo courtesy of the Electronic Frontier Foundation)

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has released a seven-minute video documenting the reasoning behind and preparation for that June 27 launch of a protest airship over the National Security Agency’s sprawling data center in Bluffdale, Utah. The flight itself is spectacular.

From an EFF press release:

At dawn on June 27, EFF, Greenpeace, and the Tenth Amendment Center launched an airship above the NSA's $1.2-billion data center in Bluffdale, Utah. The 135-foot-long airship carried a banner bearing a downward arrow and the words, "Illegal Spying Below," to bring attention to the facility as well as, a website showing how members of Congress voted on legislation that would restrict mass surveillance.

"While it is only one of several data centers, for many people the Bluffdale facility has become a symbol out-of-control, unconstitutional, dragnet surveillance, as well as a threat to the environment," (filmmaker Brian) Knappenberger says. "I thought it was important to document this audacious attempt to raise awareness of this secretive facility and pressure Congress to rein in the NSA."

The EFF has gotten maximum public-awareness mileage out of this stunt, having earlier released a copyright-free aerial photograph of the data center (above) with an invitation for all to use as they please.

I’m guessing that the NSA is not among the pleased.

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