New products of the week 08.11.2014

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as LANDesk and NetIQ

products of the week

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.

HotLink DR Express

Product name: HotLink DR Express

Key features: The new HotLink DR Express enables low cost VMware DR/BC in Amazon including easy deployment of multi-tier production workloads, large file and database server replication, and unified hybrid security management.

SecureAuth IdP 8.0

Product Name: SecureAuth IdP 8.0

Key features: Access control solution, now including risk analysis, visual product configurator, user provisioning and synching, Windows desktop 2-Factor Authentication, and customizable assertion from one platform for cloud, web, network, and mobile. More info.

LANDESK Total User Management

Product name: LANDESK Total User Management

Key features: provides total endpoint management with more than 20x faster deployment speeds, multiple program management from a single interface, self-service access and self-healing capabilities. More info.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Accessory Bundle

Product name: Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Accessory Bundle

Key features: The kit is comprised of a Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter, Mini DisplayPort to VGA adapter and USB 3.0 to Gigabit Ethernet adapter, to simplify connections that are commonly required but not natively available on the Surface Pro 3. More info.

Compact Power Redundancy Solution for Single Inlet Devices

Product name: Compact Power Redundancy Solution for Single Inlet Devices

Key features: Economic automatic power transfer switch provides a compact power redundancy solution for single power inlet devices in cramped equipment cabinets and kiosks. Available in both 120 and 240 VAC formats. More info.

B5 backhaul radio

Product name: B5 backhaul radio

Key features: Mimosa’s new wireless backhaul infrastructure boasts built-in cloud analytics and planning tools, along with 16-stream MIMO and 4Gbps of throughput per B5 unit. More info.

AccelOps 4

Product Name: AccelOps 4

Key Features: enhances capabilities for IT network security, threat management and operations intelligence. Industry innovations include machine-learning statistical anomaly detection, InTeleport remote access, watch list creation and synthetic transaction monitoring. More info.

Gryphon Sales Intelligence

Product name:  Gryphon Sales Intelligence

Key features:  is an on-demand dashboard that provides highly accurate management visibility into sales call activity from any device to optimize distributed team performance. More info.


aCelera WAN1100 WAN optimization controller

Product Name: aCelera WAN1100 WAN optimization controller

Key Features: A tabletop hardware appliance designed to bring WAN optimization to small and remote office environments, the WAN1100 offers 10Mbps throughput and supports up to 1000 concurrent TCP connections. More info.

OfficeSuite HD Meeting

Product name: OfficeSuite HD Meeting

Pricing: $0/month (unlimited meetings less than 40 minutes each for up to 25 people) - $9.99/month (unlimited meetings of any length for up to 25 people) - $49.99/month (unlimited meetings of any length for up to 100 people)

Key features: offers high-quality video conferencing and mobile collaboration tools, allowing businesses to connect and collaborate seamlessly anywhere on any device. More info.

Riak CS 1.5

Product name: Riak CS 1.5

Key features: Riak CS is designed to provide simple, available, distributed cloud storage at any scale. Riak CS 1.5 adds additional Amazon S3 compatibility, performance improvements, simplified admin and increased scalability. More info.

HawkEye G

Product Name: HawkEye G          

Key Features: next-generation threat investigation and automated malware removal solution; new sensing features better enable insider threat and identity theft detection and deliver more reliable and expeditious malware detection; enhanced third-party integration.

SteelCentral NetAuditor, NetPlanner and NetCollector

Product name: SteelCentral NetAuditor, NetPlanner and NetCollector

Pricing: NetCollector from $25,000, NetAuditor from $80,000 and NetPlanner from $150,000.

Key features: These three new software components to Riverbed’s SteelCentral network planning and configuration suite add expanded functionality like real-time management and coordination.

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Product name: Konfigure

Key features: lets business users build enterprise applications for web and mobile without coding using simple drag and drop tools. With Konfigure 70% of your application (database, workflow…) is already built. More info.

Change Guardian 4.1

Product name: Change Guardian 4.1

Pricing: Active Directory (including Group Policy) monitoring is $10 per user; Windows and UNIX (including file integrity) monitoring: $700 per Server, $35 per workstation

Key features:  offers deeper integration with Active Directory identity stores and expanded file integrity monitoring capabilities, helps detect threats more quickly and respond to audits faster. More info.

NetIQ Sentinel 7.2

Product name: Sentinel 7.2

Key features: offers new threat intelligence feeds and NetFlow traffic analysis to more quickly detect malware, bad actors and suspicious network traffic. More info.

The NetMotion Mobility App

Product name: NetMotion Mobility App

Key features:  delivers secure, managed network access to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, giving enterprises the same industry-leading solution to ensure reliable and seamless connectivity. More info.

Globanet Migrate

Product Name: Globanet Migrate

Key Features:  Patent-pending data migration software to quickly and securely move data between different platforms, on premise and in the cloud.  Version 7.0 adds: Updated UI; Optimized Threading & Tuning; Multi-Threaded Migration Capability; Faster File Compression; Archive Splitting; Watermarking; Push Installation; Enhanced File Compression, Database Architecture & Validation Options.  More info.

Skytap Cloud

Product name: Skytap Cloud

Key features:  Skytap added new features to its Skytap Cloud solution – a copy to region capability for globally dispersed dev/test teams, and an ability to set departmental-level quotas and chargebacks. More info.

VPSA On-Premise as a Service (OPaaS)

Product name: VPSA On-Premise as a Service (OPaaS)

Key features: is a private cloud storage as a service that provides fully-managed enterprise SAN (block) and NAS (file) with consumption-based pricing and zero capital expenditure. More info.


Service Name: Invincea FreeSpace™ 4.0 and Invincea Management Service 2.1

Key features: Cybersecurity protection from all malware threats using FreeSpace 4.0 to protect web browsers, Java, PDF, and Microsoft Office with Invincea Management Service 2.1 for centralized management and detailed forensics on blocked attacks. More info.

The new HotLink Hybrid Express

Product name: HotLink Hybrid Express

Key features: extends VMware vCenter to hybrid IT spanning Hyper-V, XenServer, KVM and Amazon EC2.