Video Tech Tip: How to track email you send

Signals by Hubspot is a free app for Google Chrome browser with email notifications

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Melissa Aparicio: If you're sending an important email and don't want to be left wondering whether it was opened or not, there's a free tool available that notifies you when someone opens your email. I'll show you how it works in this Tech Tip.

The tool is Signals from Hub Spot. It's an app for Google Chrome that sends you notifications when someone has opened the email you sent in Gmail or Outlook. I'll be using Gmail for this example.

To install Signals, go to Because Signals is a Google Chrome extension, you have to use the Chrome browser to install it. Be sure to uncheck the box that says get tips from sales reps via email if you don't want to receive them. You can sign in directly with your Google or with an email and password. I signed in with a Gmail account.

Once you've installed Signals, you'll see its logo at the top right corner of your browser.

Now when you compose a new message, you will see the Signals logo on the bottom right of the email with a box checked, which mean the email will be tracked. Uncheck it if you don't want to track the email.

Write your email and hit send. When the recipient opens your email or a clicks on a link inside of the email is clicked, you will see a notification. You can also track a reply to an email that you've received and if you want to stop receiving notifications for an email thread, you can mute them.

To see all of your notifications in one place, click on the Signals icon at the top right of your browser and hit "all". There you'll see location, number of views and the device used to open your email.

Signals is a pixel-based tracking tool. It inserts a small, invisible image into each email that's sent and tracked. When the image is loaded, Signals knows that the email was opened.

Most people won't know you're tracking the email since their email settings enable images to be automatically downloaded. The only way someone might know that the email is being tracked is if this setting is off and he or she is prompted to download images from the email.

Signals is free to get up to 200 notifications a month for emails you tracked. It's $10 per month for unlimited notifications. There's also a Signals app available for iPhones with iOS 7.

To uninstall Signals in your Chrome browser, go to Window, then click Extensions. You can disable or delete Signals by selecting the trash icon.

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