The 11 most intriguing hybrid PCs

From 7-in-1s to table-size AIOs, they're anything but conventional.
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Invasion of the oddities

People love to criticize Windows 8.1’s dual nature, with its (admittedly nice) tablet interface bolted on top of the traditional desktop. But Windows 8 and Microsoft at least deserve credit for is encouraging device makers to rethink what a PC should look like.

Thanks to the useable touch interface on Windows, companies are creating intriguing hybrids, from giant tablets that turn into all-in-one PCs, to laptops that turn into Android tablets or Windows 8 desktop PCs.

Some are true revelations. Others are bizarre mutations. Either way, here’s a look at some of the most interesting hybrids, convertibles, and 2-in-1s to date. Let's start with the "interesting in a good way" models.

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